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This is why I’m stuck in the past

September 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I was sent a video camera so could video tape me at my desk and around the farm for a website that’s connected to Good Morning America (I know, I know, but it will all make sense in a few weeks).  When they offered the opportunity I jumped at it but pointed out that our camera was purchased in the mid-90’s so they shipped me a fancy new digital recorder which the UPS guy delivered yesterday.  I can’t work it.  Shut up and stop laughing Rhonda.  I swear I can turn it on and I even figured out how to open the disk holder thingy but other than that….. uh uh, aint gonna happen.  And I read in the manual that it has a “soft focus” feature which (and I’m totally quoting here) makes your subjects appear softer and more attractive.  I can’t make this up people.  Oh yeah, we’ll be using that.  To top it off there’s a “wide angle” feature.  We’ll be using that as well.  All this is, of course, only after I read the 1/2″ manual that came with the freaking thing.  So I drive an hour in to Walmart, and y’all KNOW how I feel about that place, and bought the cd’s so I could try and practice recording but they are “incompatible”.  How on EARTH can a damn $6.00 disk be incompatible I ask you?  Oh, I see, after waiting on hold for nearly 15 minutes the kind gentleman at the “help desk” (oh yeah, THAT’s in quotes) informs me the disk is incompatible because it’s a + (plus).  I was supposed to purchase a – (minus).  I don’t think he appreciated my response.  And I would know that because………?

I want my betamax back.  And a manual typewriter. 

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