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Today was barn clean-up day

October 13th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

With the stalls removed we {and I use that term very loosely here} moved hay, raked the floor, and swept out all the cobwebs.  Well, Ed did that while I directed the boys on cleaning the bedrooms and changing bedsheets.  Anne arrived early afternoon and had a wonderful session with Buck, a horrible session with Fire, and a so-so session with Blue.  Buck is progressing great and she’s going to tack him up tomorrow then check him in the corral.  If all goes well, I’ll grab Silver and Jen will get Cartman then we’ll all head out.  Fire decided today that he didn’t feel like working so Anne did basically the same thing we did with Blue, she made him work and didn’t let him stop working until he allowed her to catch him.  Unfortunately that took most of the time and she didn’t work on much of anything else but she dang sure got her point across to him. 

I noticed Henry has his bull in the pasture and I’m trying to convince Ed that we should just walk Moo down there to spend some quality time with him.  Ed seems to think that she’ll totally freak out if he tries to get busy with her and she’d come running home.  We’ll see who wins this one.

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