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“Used with permission”

February 28th, 2010 · No Comments · Book Writing

I want to do this right.  The i’s need dotted and the t’s need crossed.  God knows I don’t need to be years into this project and learn that I’m getting sued by someone for using their name.  Since this is a true story and involves real-life heros, I feel it’s appropriate to give them the credit they’re due.

Unless they choose to sue me.  That’s not so good.

So I need to find them and let them know about this project, ask them if I can use their real names.  I’m hoping they say yes and agree but since it involves their medical practice and actions they took – I’m not so sure they will.  I know malpractice insurers have a lot of power and they may be bound by other restrictions that I’m unaware of.  I hope not. 

My plan is to call them and ask for a quick five minute personal visit where I can provide a brief overview of the project and ask if they would just think about it.  If they agree then I suppose I can find some sort of basic legally worded release on the internet and provide that.  Will they want to review any mention of their name before signing?  Good question.  I got nothing, no answer at this point but before I get too deeply involved, I need to at least begin getting permissions from the cast.

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