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Well that was interesting

May 10th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Pioneer Woman, Uncategorized

I received an email last night from an editor with a very famous magazine who asked to speak with me.  Apparently his magazine was given a preview copy of Pioneer Woman’s cookbook for review and after visiting her cute little ‘ole site, learning about not only a romance book deal but also a movie option, and seeing pictures of her family’s, uh, vast holdings  he decided to do a little research.  As he has been unable to contact her since she’s off on her book tour and even her publicist is having a hard time getting through to her, he began googling.  Which led him to the infamous Bullshit  post of mine and the follow up.  So he emailed asking to talk with me and I agreed.

After nearly an hour long conversation I discovered that this man, although mostly unfamiliar with blogging, had quickly seen through the “simple rancher’s wife” brand and realized there was more to the story, or less – if you want to get technical.  I believe it was pictures of the Lodge and all the cookwear that did it for him.  So I gave him a brief crash course in blogging advertising, the “exceptions” Blogher made for her, and the amount of money the Pioneer Woman brand has generated – I think he was shocked.  Anyway, this guy was really on his toes and saw right through all of the smoke and mirrors so it will be interesting to see the angle of the article, if they proceed.

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